07 February 2016

Winter yet Again...

This winter was a string of highs and lows... Very warm weather alternating with cold, sometimes really freezing weather. After many days of warm weather that melted all the snow below the altitude of 1300m, it finally snowed again on Thursday!

On Friday I grabbed my camera and did a walk on the hills around Brasov, on the trails where I run so often. This time I slowed down and enjoyed the almost black and white landscape. I set my camera to black and white and I must say that I am quite pleased with the result!

Here are a few photos. The whole album can be found here.

Yesterday, with my old friend Nic and his older kids we did an exploration ski tour in Muntii Cailor. A very quiet place in winter! The weather was very windy and the snow quite scarce, but the landscapes were amazing. Again I took many photos. The whole album can be found here.

And here is the track of the day:

24 January 2016

Again Through the Frozen Woods

I was so impressed by the frozen forest landscape that I have seen two days ago during the ski tour, that today, I went there again! As it was quite late in the afternoon I had to move quickly so I went with my light winter running gear; winter running shoes with spikes and ski poles.
As the last days were very cold and windless, the landscape was preserved very well. However the weather will get warm again during next week, so the snow on the trees will fall down before I will have the chance to visit the place again.

I took several photos with my new phone's camera. At the end I only kept this one, converted to black and white: